SwisSpirit Corporate Brand


Our clients are Swiss and mainly international entrepreneurs, and business men and women. We administer, in their best interests, holdings, foundations, financial companies and trading companies with varied activities in Switzerland.

Management & Administration is OUR EXPERTISE  

Switzerland is one of the world’s most attractive countries for set up a financial company since regulations are liberal and the legal framework is stable.  A Swiss financial company is regulated by various laws such as the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO), the Swiss federal law on financial services (FinSA), the Swiss federal law on financial institutions (FinIA), the Swiss federal law on money laundering (AMLA) and the ordinance on financial institutions (FinOI)


SwisSpirit Finance is very active as financial intermediaries in the following fields:

Wealth management


Financial advice for businesses and individuals

Advice in the field of insurance and pension funds

Services relating to factoring, credits and leasings

Securitisation services

Creation of structured products

Block-chain financial technologies such as crypto-currencies and crypto-assets

Para-banking services

Private banking services

Advisory services for mortgages/real property loans

Negotiation of precious metals

Negotiation of currencies

Credit cards




Whatever your sector, SwisSpirit has innovative, integrated and accessible solutions that enable you to enhance the performance of your employees and get more from your production and operating resources so you can reduce your costs.

What you gain with SwisSpirit

  • A single contact who is neutral and independent of any insurance company
  • A detailed analysis of your risks and the implementation of risk controls
  • Global management and monitoring of your insurance portfolio
  • Tailored solutions that are consistent with your risk policy
  • Assistance, follow-up and defence of your interests if an incident occurs
  • An overall reduction in your costs


The core business of the SwisSpirit Group is insurance broking, and we offer an all-encompassing service.

We will devise solutions that best meet your needs under the most advantageous conditions for both your company and your people.

Our independence vis-à-vis the insurance companies is a guarantee of the full transparency of the solutions we offer.




We are real estate specialists and are constantly looking to set higher service standards and guarantee superior performance to the market

The international city of Geneva is home to over 200 non-governmental organisations and is the world capital of watchmaking, wealth management and luxury goods. It is also one of Europe’s most important business hubs. Our Geneva branch enjoys a convenient city centre location, and can count on SwisSpirit and its prestigious list of contacts to help it build its business network and establish itself as a key player on the local real estate market.




We are your trusted choice Art Dealer



An art dealer is a highly-specialized business person; an individual with an extensive passion for and knowledge of the multi-dimensional world of art. Typically an art dealer is the liaison between an artist or buyer and their client; and traditionally conduct business through a gallery.


“All our clients enjoy individual attention as well as absolute discretion”

SwisSpirit’s partner Euromahdia is a trusted source in international trade

EuroMehdia offers a wide range of ressources and a close networks of specialists that can deliver to our high-value clients only the best in Fine Art, Commodities, gemstones and Luxury Vehicles.




What we do

We specialise in procuring terms for clients with complex financial requirements for high net worth mortgages. The more money one has, the more complicated it seems to get, and various changes to government policy in recent years has made proving you can afford a large loan all the more challenging.

You can no longer self-certify your ability to service a loan and affordability criteria has become more stringent. As such, a lot of lenders may be put off by clients who don’t have a ‘vanilla’ income structure. For example, being self-employed, above a certain age with only rental income, or wishing to use bonus income as security can be obstacles our clients have encountered before approaching us at SwisSpirit.

This is why it is now imperative to instruct a whole of market mortgage broker who can look after your property financing requirements, regardless of what they are. SwisSpirit has access to over 250 lenders both in the Switzerland and abroad and, as such, manages to succeed where other brokers have failed.

It is rare for our high net worth client pool to have simply one asset – they may have a buy to let investment property in Geneva Zurich or London and a holiday home in Marbella or Dubai, for example. Having a broker who can assist with the financing of these assets, be they residential or commercial, development or international investment, is extremely valuable.

SwisSpirit doesn’t only have excellent relationships with lenders, we also pride ourselves on being able to refer our clients to specialist partners to help with every part of the mortgage process – including tax, legal and foreign exchange.

Whatever your property financing requirements, we have a specialist team in place dedicated to finding the best and most efficient solution.




It is estimated that around 500 companies and some 10,000 employees are active in the commodities trading sector in Switzerland, which in addition to trading, also comprises shipping, transaction financing and inspection services. In 2018, revenue predominantly stemming from commodity trading amounted to CHF 33 billion, representing around 4.8 per cent of Switzerland’s GDP. Switzerland is one of the most important commodity trading centres in the world.

Sourcing, Trading, Storage, Logistics and Transport Solutions






Business Intelligence

After reflection, action. We support our customers on the ground in implementing their decisions by promoting and protecting their interests.


    Better knowledge & decryption of your competitors
    Securing of your development (partners, providers, recruits, clients, etc.)
    Defence of your interests, search for assets and fighting against counterfeiting
    Establishment of operations in other countries


SwisSpirit has a team of authorised investigators and specialists in ethical and financial compliance. We also rely on a vast network of correspondents and partners.


Strategic Intelligence

In a business environment marked both by the intensification of competitive pressure and by an increasingly demanding international regulatory environment with regard to companies and their managers, the SwisSpirit helps its clients to consolidate or strengthen their position in Switzerland and abroad. The SwisSpirit’s consultants and experts, from the best schools and universities, are trained in corporate strategy, stakeholder analysis and investigation methods in the context of increased compliance duties. They fulfil their duties while fully abiding by professional ethics and confidentiality, associating their clients in all the key steps of their work.

Supporting corporate expansion in Switzerland and abroad

Commitment to a business relationship is possible only after a detailed study of the environment concerned. The SwisSpirit supports its customers’ business development by reducing their risk-taking, while complying with the regulations in force:

  • The SwisSpirit’s consultants and experts provide their clients support in understanding the decision-making circuits and complex environments specific to their business, both in Switzerland and abroad
  • The SwisSpirit’s service offer (compliance and due diligence services) enable client companies to verify the good repute and integrity of the companies and managers with whom they are in business, thereby protecting themselves from potential legal, financial, commercial and reputational risks.



SwisSpirit affiliates worldwide

We are represented in  in Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East