SwisSpirit Strategic Intelligence

Business Intelligence

After reflection, action. We support our customers on the ground in implementing their decisions by promoting and protecting their interests.



    Better knowledge & decryption of your competitors
    Securing of your development (partners, providers, recruits, clients, etc.)
    Defence of your interests, search for assets and fighting against counterfeiting
    Establishment of operations in other countries


SwisSpirit has a team of authorised investigators and specialists in ethical and financial compliance. We also rely on a vast network of correspondents and partners.

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Strategic Intelligence

In a business environment marked both by the intensification of competitive pressure and by an increasingly demanding international regulatory environment with regard to companies and their managers, the SwisSpirit helps its clients to consolidate or strengthen their position in Switzerland and abroad. The SwisSpirit’s consultants and experts, from the best schools and universities, are trained in corporate strategy, stakeholder analysis and investigation methods in the context of increased compliance duties. They fulfil their duties while fully abiding by professional ethics and confidentiality, associating their clients in all the key steps of their work.

Supporting corporate expansion in Switzerland and abroad

Commitment to a business relationship is possible only after a detailed study of the environment concerned. The SwisSpirit supports its customers’ business development by reducing their risk-taking, while complying with the regulations in force:

  •  The SwisSpirit’s consultants and experts provide their clients support in understanding the decision-making circuits and complex environments specific to their business, both in Switzerland and abroad
  •  The SwisSpirit’s service offer (compliance and due diligence services) enable client companies to verify the good repute and integrity of the companies and managers with whom they are in business, thereby protecting themselves from potential legal, financial, commercial and reputational risks.

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Compliance and Due Diligence

Regulatory compliance and stakeholders’ integrity

The SwisSpirit offers a complete range of due diligence services, ranging from simple audits to the most complex investigations. Given corporate obligations to take measures against corruption and to ensure their effectiveness under pain of sanctions, the SwisSpiritp’s experts and consultants audit business practices and, if necessary, strengthen the inhouse procedures in force.

The SwisSpirit Group’s analysts map the political and business networks of the targets examined and check the integrity of natural and legal persons in relation to its customers.

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Worldwide Coverage

The services offered by the SwisSpirit are carried out by a dedicated team, able to urgently address the most complex situations. The base team, located in Geneva, works directly with the Group’s Country-Risk analysts and can rely on offices located in the North Africa/Middle East zone and in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In certain countries, the SwisSpirit can also call upon local networks, which have been in existence for more than twenty years and are regularly audited.

Hence, the SwisSpirit is able to carry out assignments anywhere in the world, including in hazardous countries or those characterised by a high opacity in their business circles.

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Strategic studies

The SwisSpirit provides its clients support in the definition and implementation of their strategy, in Switzerland and abroad. It offers a complete range of services to companies wishing to expand their businesses, from analysing the political, economic and industrial context of the targeted State, to conducting competitive analyses, while also analysing the interplay of stakeholders.

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Analysis of complex environments

The analysis of the targeted State’s political, economic and industrial context is a sine qua non condition for the identification of business opportunities.

The SwisSpirit analyses the risks associated with positioning in a given market. The Group’s experts and consultants study a project’s political maturity, the stability of the location envisaged, the prospective partners’ reliability and the positioning of possible competitors.

The SwisSpirit Group has analysts who are knowledgeable about their respective areas of expertise and who can be mobilised to work on all continents. The SwisSpirit Group also has offices and on-site staff for the North Africa/Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa regions.

These multidisciplinary teams cover all geographical and sectoral issues in a large number of business sector: industry, energy, construction, transport, banking and insurance, luxury goods, hotels, environmental services, health, etc.