Whatever your sector, SwisSpirit has innovative, integrated and accessible solutions that enable you to enhance the performance of your employees and get more from your production and operating resources so you can reduce your costs.

What you gain with SwisSpirit

  • A single contact who is neutral and independent of any insurance company
  • A detailed analysis of your risks and the implementation of risk controls
  • Global management and monitoring of your insurance portfolio
  • Tailored solutions that are consistent with your risk policy
  • Assistance, follow-up and defence of your interests if an incident occurs
  • An overall reduction in your costs


The core business of the SwisSpirit Group is insurance broking, and we offer an all-encompassing service.

We will devise solutions that best meet your needs under the most advantageous conditions for both your company and your people.

Our independence vis-à-vis the insurance companies is a guarantee of the full transparency of the solutions we offer.

Our specialist staff can advise you on


Movable and immovable property, equipment, corporate and product liability, transport, vehicle fleet, directors’ and officers’ liability (D&O)


  • Portfolio analysis
  • Drafting of tender documents and definition of comparisons and benchmarks
  • Optimisation of insurance cover and premiums
  • Legal assistance
  • Assistance in the event of an incident


Occupational pensions, sickness, accident and loss of income


  • Analysis of pension plans and sickness, accident and loss of income insurance
  • Tender process
  • Optimisation of insurance cover and premiums
  • Legal assistance, with particular reference to employment legislation
  • Information for policyholders
  • Assistance in the event of an incident


SwisSpirit assist clients with public tender processes on a regular basis.

We have developed a unique and proven method for the transparent and efficient market launch of your risk management and insurance offerings. Our expert staff will provide specialised support on a day-to-day basis, with full or partial outsourcing options available.


  • Analysis and planning
  • Structuring of the format of your products/services
  • Drafting of the specification
  • Assistance in formulating and presenting your answers to questions
  • Clearly drafted bid proposals
  • Document verification


In partnership with  international network, we can manage every aspect of the implementation and coordination of international programmes and programme communications.


  • Formulation of international solutions (Master programme)
  • Insurance audit in the countries concerned
  • Optimisation of local cover
  • Access to the expertise of our specialists in the various countries
  • Advice on legal and tax issues relating to international insurance





SwisSpirit is a leading full-service player in aviation insurance Broker

Whether you are a glider pilot or own a fleet of planes, we can advise you on the best product for you and negotiate the best price and cover.

SwisSpirit also has special relationships with the organisers of air shows, airports and manufacturing and maintenance companies.

We can find cover for:

  • Civil liability, aircraft (comprehensive) and passenger accident
  • War, including regions in crisis
  • Corporate liability
  • Organiser civil liability
  • Personal accident
  • Loss of licence

INSURANCE Art Collections

 Your art is close to your heart. And to ours.

You are an art collector and have invested a great deal of time and passion in your collection. You are an owner or a curator of a corporate collection and form the company image by your cultural activities. You are an art consultant and look after private and corporate collections.

Regardless of whether the collection is currently built up or already «complete». Wether at home or on your company premises, in your holiday home, at a restorer, framer or photographer or on loan at an exhibition.

The SwisSpirit Fine Art Insurance Policy

The insurance coverage of an SwisSpirit fine art insurance policy protects you from financial and emotional surprises.

Where an artwork has been destroyed or stolen, the accurART all-risk coverage compensates the loss. If your art object is damaged, we take care of the best possible restoration. If, however, a depreciation remains, this will also be compensated for.

Not an off-the-peg Fine Art Insurance

We do not offer any off-the-peg fine art insurance. Every art collection is unique, every art collector has individual needs. We take care of them and find the optimum balance between cost and coverage together with you.

We tip the scales with our many years’ experience and our network within the fine art insurance market.

Because your art is close to your heart. And to ours.


Galleries and Art Trade

Personality and quality. Also our recipe for success.

As a gallerist of contemporary art, you are the gatekeeper for the young artists’ career. As art dealer you convey established values of Classical Modernists or have an unfailing eye for Old Masters, icons or tribal art. Your personality and the quality of your offer are the key to your success.

Everything what you also may expect from your fine art insurance, and even more from your fine art insurance broker.

SwisSpiritART, your specialised Fine Art Insurance Broker

Whether you maintain traditional business models, or you are concerned with blockchains, art leasing or e-commerce. SwisSpiritART knows how to comprehensively cover your financial risks. Art and commerce are not opposites for you. Neither for us.

The SwisSpiritART all-risk coverage protects you against loss and damages.

Fine Art Insurance according to your business model

At the art storage, during the presentation or in transit from the artist to you. On view at potential buyers, during fine art fairs, art exhibitions or transports. Your own portfolio, works on consignment or on approval. The exhibition architecture, your archive or library. All this is covered by your insurance policy.

Your expenses will be kept within limits. As our individual approach assures, that coverage corresponds with your business model. Too much is too expensive. Too little can be expensive.

Personality and quality are also our recipe for success.