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An art dealer is a highly-specialized business person; an individual with an extensive passion for and knowledge of the multi-dimensional world of art. Typically an art dealer is the liaison between an artist or buyer and their client; and traditionally conduct business through a gallery.


“All our clients enjoy individual attention as well as absolute discretion”

SwisSpirit is a private art dealer that has his focus on high end secondary market artists as well as established primary market artists. SwisSpirit represents an important private collections worldwide.

SwisSpirit is always looking for interesting works of art from impressionists to the masters of today. If you wish to have an accurate estimation according to today’s market value, or if you would like to sell a work you own, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SwisSpirit’s partner Euromahdia is a trusted source in international trade

EuroMehdia offers a wide range of ressources and a close networks of specialists that can deliver to our high-value clients only the best in Fine Art, Commodities, gemstones and Luxury Vehicles.